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Interview mit GM Jonny Hector

How did you get to know about the tournament?
I know GM Michael Bezold from different tournaments like 'Pyramide' in Fürth or the 'Pulvermühle' which he is organising as well. So he told me about this tournament and invited me to Nuremberg a few months ago.

Why did you come to Nuremberg?
I followed Michael Bezold's invitation and therefore I am here. I like playing tournaments which are organised by Michael Bezold. He is always trying to improve his tournaments and the whole organisation. These events are interesting because he has a lot of ideas and tries to integrate them in his tournaments. When I got the invitation I knew there are going to be some new side things, for example the small chess ridles during the day, which will make it interesting to play.

How do you like the Premium Cup 2006 so far?
I really enjoy it. The organisation is good and the tournament is interesting. There are a lot of small ideas realised which are new for me and that is always nice to have. The surroundings are good and I like playing here. It is a strong and tough tournament and there are more than 15 players who make a living out of winning chess tournaments. Consequently, the competition is high but that makes it interesting, from the sportive side of view as well.
Another reason why I might like it a lot is that I finished well and now I am waiting for the end results. You always like something if it is going well for you. Anyway, it is a professional tournament in Nuremberg, the conditions are good and I am happy to be one of the winner.

Is there anything special about this tournament?
What I find interesting is the connection between chess and the LGA (sponsor in which building the tournament is carried out): Both deal with good ideas, correctness and planning. While finding a solution both chess players and the LGA have to consider the possible following consequences. That there is a connection between chess and the sponsor especially in times of difficulties to find sponsors for chess is something I seem to be special. It is is no longer compulsory to have a sponsor which is in the position to offer such a tournament but it is nice and desireable to see this kind of support.

What were your expectations for this tournament?
As a professional I try to win. I knew it was going to be an intensive programme but I made it and now I enjoy that I am finished and my only job is to wait for the result and the award ceremony. This situation where you only have to wait without playing and with the ensurance that you are one of the winners is the gratification for the rounds where I played without mistakes. I knew that I cannot afford to make a single mistake while playing a tournaments with so many good players. Making no mistake was what I expected from myself and I am happy that I achieved my goals.

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