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Interview mit WGM Subbaraman Vijayalakshmi

How did you get to know about this tournament?
My husband and me are travelling around Europe each year for several months to play chess tournament. Therefore we are trying to find different tournaments in Europe via Internet and my husbands plans our Europe tour with all the different tournaments which we are able to play. While my husband was doing his research he found this tournament on some homepages. Thankfully, it did fit our time schedule.

It must be very difficult to find a perfect time schedule where all interesting tournaments fit in?
Yes, that is true. It is difficult to find a time schedule that matches. Thankfully, my husband is a formidable planner and my only task is to play chess. It is our second time in Germany and we really like the country. It is a beautiful country as far as what we have seen so far. Usually, we are playing chess the whole time. There is hardly no chance to see a lot of the countries we visit. However, while we were travelling by train through Germany we could enjoy the nice countryside. It is so different from home. All the trees and the green, you even can smell the trees. That is impossible in New Dehli. But as I said before there is not much time left. As semi-professionals we are totally into playing chess and in the evenings we are happy when we can relax and recover for the next day.

How do you like this tournament so far?
It is a real professional tournament. First, we did not know what to expect from this tournament when we registered for it. However, it is better than we could ever imagine. The spatiality is very good and the whole organisation is professional. It is a nice place. The organisation is perfect and they help whenever there should be any questions. Normally, my sister travels together with us, she is playing chess as well. This year she was to exhausted and decided against playing this tournament. I already called her yesterday to say how much she is missing because she is not playing. There you see, I really like it this tournament.

Can you explain to me why you like it?
As I said, it is a professional tournament, the conditions are fine and the price money is interesting. The rounds start on time. Everything is close to each other: the hotel, the tournament place and so on. The catering is also very good. I am able to find some rest and time to relax which is important to win chess matches. Here in Nuremberg it is quiet and hopefully I find enough time to rest and relax so I might continue to win my matches.

What about your opponents?
The opponents are also good. A lot of good players are playing here and the run for the victory will be very hard and close. The next two days will decide who is going to be the best. But it is not all about winning. Young players get the chance to play against professionals and to learn from them. For them it is a chance and they can develop their chess skills while they are playing in Nuremberg. In my opinion there should be more tournaments like this which give youngsters the chance to learn because this is part of the package.

Are you happy with your matches so far?
So far I was lucky with my opponents and I did not have to play against better ones. I hope to be one of the winners at the end. Maybe I am able to win the tournament. While we were playing a tournament in Greece the last week I had a good performance and I hope this is the start of a run which will continue. We are travelling around Europe until October and it is always nice to have a run and win. Lets hope this tournament in Nuremberg will be a success.

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